We have highly qualified and experienced scientists and laboratory analysts.

We can assist you with a full range of Microbiological analyses that will suite your requirements.

We cover all Food related industries and can do analysis ranging from raw materials to finish products.

Any Micro related tests we can do for you!

Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology
  • Aerobic plate count
  • Anaerobic plate count
  • Coliforms
  • Escherichia coli ,0157:H7
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Yeast and Mould
  • Listeria Monocytogenes
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Lactobacillus
  • Bacillus cereus
  • Clostridia
  • Pseudomonas
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Spore counts
  • Aerobic
  • Anaerobic
  • API
Water Microbiology
  • Enumeration
  • Aerobic plate count
  • Total coliform count
  • Faecal coliform count
  • Yeast and Mould count
  • Bacterial Identification
Swabs can be taken by our well trained personel or you can make use of our TESTKIT and do it yourself.

We can then arrange to pick up the TESTKIT and analyse swabs as per your requirement.

Please note that we have an inhouse courier service!

We always look at cost saving!

Please contact us if you require more information about Microbiology.

Chemical Quality

We have a fully equipped chemistry laboratory able to handle a wide variety test that you might require. These analysis cover all basic food industries and cover all stages of production including raw materials to final product.

Chemical Quality Test
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Moisture
  • Ash
  • Carbohydrates
  • Energy
  • Fats and Oils
  • Colour – Lovibond Tintometer
  • Free fatty acid
  • Peroxide value
  • pH
  • Viscosity
  • % Acidity
  • % Oil content
  • % Fat content
Other Tests
  • Nutritional analysis ( by product or by menu meal)
  • Shelf Life analysis
  • Detergent testing
    • Active detergent
    • Total alkalinity
    • Phosphate content
    • Chlorides as NaCI
    • Sodium hydroxide content
    • pH
    • Fatty matter
    • Available chlorine
Organoleptic Evaluation
This may involve comparative evaluation of products, of various manufacturers on behalf of a client(restaurant/hotel/factory) comparative evaluation of products from the manufacturer and those in store.

We have found that sensory evaluations is highly important to ensure consistent quality of products manufactured. It can be used in New product development as well and it plays a vital role in marketing when you compare your product to various similar products in the market or potensial markets.

LTL Consultants specializes in the field of organoleptic evaluations and sensory analysis. We have been assisting our clients for the past 15 years in this regard and we do have trained people sitting on our evaluation panels to ensure valued feedback to our clients.

Our analysis can consist of the following but can also be used individually depending on your requirement:

  • Taste
  • Texture
  • Colour
  • Flavour
  • Odour
  • etc

The above can be used for Problem solving/ Benchmarking/Product Development as well as Shelf Life.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.

Physical Analysis
We do offer analysis based on either once of or continuous basis for the evaluation of the following:

  • Overall product & package appearance of final product
  • Mass (nett and drained)volume determinations,diameter, width, length and height determinations
  • Unit counts, unit mass average
  • Vacuum (in canned foods)
  • Uniformity in size, shape and colour
  • Viscosities
  • Set (for preserves/ jams)
  • Gelatin content (in jellies)
  • Solubility of products
  • Bulk density
  • Insect infestation
  • % Damaged/Broken
  • Strength of bags
  • Practical evaluations
  • Non food/Miscellaneous testing
  • Dimensions (height, width, length, diameter)
  • Unit counts

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need more information.